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Research and Consulting Services

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The research activities and accomplishments of LGR’s Director and Research Associates have been widely recognized nationally and internationally by ….

Applied Research

LGR has conducted a variety and research studies to assist local governments in designing, implementing and evaluating programs and policies. This includes:

  • Program evaluations
  • Feasibility studies for city/county consolidations, annexations and municipal incorporations
  • Studies of inequality or inequity across neighborhoods in local government policies
  • Local and regional economic development studies
  • Citizen surveys and citizen satisfaction studies
  • Community outreach and evaluations for grant funded projects

Academic Research

LGR’s Director and Senior Research Associates have been awarded dozens of research grant from federal and state agencies, foundations and international funders. LGR offers assistance to universities, nonprofit organizations, and individual scholars in developing research proposals and manuscript and implementing and evaluating funded research projects. LGR’s academic research includes surveys of governments, policy analyses and network analysis studies. Recognitions for research excellence include …